A world of service

The best tool without the best service remains only a simple tool.

Needs analysis and fonctional support / Hosting /

Custom-made and on-site training / Phone support 24/7 / Maintenance 24/7 /

Advices and audit / On-site deployment and integration in your environment /

Loan of equipment in case of breakdown / Financing of your whole configuration

A universal solution

All the universe of ticketing is in RODRIGUE SPERE

You sell through all channels
You sell through all channels

desk, internet, social networks, call center, mail, shop, distributors, resellers, works council, ...

You manage every types of events with the same software
You manage every types of events with the same software

Live entertainment, sport, museum, park, monument, cabaret, tourist activity, …

You are master of time because everything is in real time
You are master of time because everything is in real time

ticketing, internet, access control, marketing, …

You are present on all platforms
You are present on all platforms

computer, tablet or mobile phone

We integrate all the equipments needed for your activity : servers, stations, firewall, thermal printers, cash registers, terminals, RFID contactless readers, bar code readers, tripods, counting, …

Whether you are an aggregative city, a theater, a sports club, a festival, a federation, a museum, a monument, a park, etc., we support you 24h/24, 7/7

Everything is here


Ticketing and public management solution

Propose anything you can imagine in ticketing, subscription, membership, loyalty, …


Solution of targeting and segmentation of your public

Target your public and get information to analyze their behavior


CRM tools

Start your emailing or SMS campaigns with extreme ease. The behaviors of receiving of your targets are automatically integrated into their customer or prospect record.


Offer your customers a unique service of resumption or exchange tickets on which you keep full control.


Immerse your visitors in the heart of a unique user experience with the view or the choice of places on a 360° photo in hight definition (hall, arena, circus tent, stadium, …)


White label solution of online sale

Customize your responsive pages, in multi-support and in real time, whether it is in BtoC or in BtoB.

(Access Control System)

Flow management solution

Allow your spectators to arrive at the access control with the support of their choice: thermal ticket, A4 printing, phone screen, RFID card or NFC mobile.

Customer Area

Allow the buyer of several tickets to identify each of them and transmit them directly to every beneficiary. You will automatically improve the knowledge of your public and enrich your database.


Widen and mutualize your realtime sales network. Your sales offers and those of all the institutions of your aggregative city are accessible via a simple browser and in a unique basket.

Integration at the service of your business

By combining technologies and services,, RODRIGUE SPHERE redefines the notion of complete management system of the public.

Universal ticketing

Reliable reporting

On-line sale on a proprietary platform with an high availability

Effective access controls

Integrated marketing tools

360° CRM

Hosting on proprietary and redundant datacenters

Management of the whole solution

Support for securing the processes



Our teams ensure, develop and integrate the last technologies. We have built partnerships with the biggest actors of the innovation (BPI, Gemalto, Orange, …)
RODRIGUE is a member of big centers of knowledge and skill (Forum of mobile contactless services, RFID National  Centrer) to be always ready to bring you the solutions of tomorrow.

RODRIGUE counts in her teams specialists of each of the proposed technical solutions.



360° vision of your public

You pass from information about your customers to knowledge of your spectators

360° vision of your events

From the description to the consolidation of all the sales channels, waiting lists to viewing of the no-shows

360° vision of all your marketing and sales initiatives

From the emailing to the return on investment (ROI) of your special offers.

360° vision on the activity of your teams

Reporting, statistics, analyses, custom-made requests, everything is there, simply and at your disposal.

360° vision of the traffic of your ticketing website

Monitoring of the new baskets and the sales succeeded to the integration of analytical tags.

Your customers also have a 360 space.

In their Customer Area they can:

Consult the history of all their orders (desk and internet)

Reprint their tickets print@home

Manage their personal data

Communicate with you

Benefit from the deposit sells service JYVAIPLU® for the tickets of the events which they cannot attend

RODRIGUE SPHERE places you in the center of your universe


With RODRIGUE SPHERE, you control:

Your budget
Your budget

The average cost of our complete solutions (software, equipments, maintenance, services, hosting, ...) is 0.23 € excluding taxes per ticket. Many are often close to 0.80 € excluding taxes for less features, equipments and services. Compare and see.

Your needs
Your needs

Because we are always at your service, all software upgrades are included in our fees and systematically mutualized, simply activate them.

Your evolutions
Your evolutions

Our experts accompany you in your business developments to bring you the best solution. Audits, analyses, follow-ups, implementations and deployments guarantee the control of your projects with flexibility.

Your Data
Your Data

We are our own host with our totally dedicated servers in our datacenters situated in our premises. No intangible and without responsibility cloud, no dependence on other activities; your data are safe and you know exactly where.

Our technological partnerships with DELL and STORMSHIELD (Airbus Defence & Space) show how much, at RODRIGUE, the safety is much more than a statement of intention.

We bet that your favorite expression will be: “Simple and safe as sphere”


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