Almost 17 years since we created RODRIGUE… the flame that inspired us in 1999 still shines, more lively and enthusiastic than ever, fed by the wealth of the experiences, both human and technical. What a beautiful adventure ! An exciting future !

At that time, how would we have been able to imagine the current diversity of our customers ? This diversity which brought us to develop solutions always more specific, more complete, more original and more successful ?

Whether it is a live performance, museums or monuments, leisure activities or sports, in France, in Europe, on the other side of the world… for few hundreds or several million spectators, the women and men of RODRIGUE are present with all their skills, all their know-how(expertise) and all their heart.
And heart, the collaborators of RODRIGUE do not miss it, human qualities are part of their DNA. Each of them is proud to be a part of a Services company with a big S. Beyond providing, within the time limit, a fully operational and efficient turnkey system, each time they include, this energy, this enthusiasm and this listening wich, from the first day, make my pride and RODRIGUE’s soul.
I would like to thanks them warmly, just like the customers who always took us farther in the process knowledge of our job. Without forgetting, also, most than 300 million people who held in their hands the invaluable sesame stemming from our technologies and services.
All together and each of them made of RODRIGUE THE REFERENCE OF TICKETING SOLUTIONS. My duty is to see far ahead and remain close to them. My duty is to innovate and listen to them to keep this position.


At RODRIGUE, we listen to our customers and remain at their service

With enthusiasm, availability and good mood, we propose:

  • An SaaS multiservices ticketing offer : shared servers hosting
  • The supply of software and hardware material turn keys configurations
  • The funding
  • The training and the personalized support of the teams
  • Hotline and on-site assistance 24/7
  • The software and material maintenance
  • The analysis of needs, technical and business audits, work management assistance
  • The supply of consumables : thermal tickets, plastic card, etc.
  • The pooling of the technologies
  • The access to innovative technologies: Web, RFID, NFC, SMS push, etc.
  • Distributor and retailer interfaces
  • Web gateway services to third party system
  • A very vast range of equipment

Support team

We supply the whole solution necessary for our customers (software, equipment, services and consumables) to allow them to rely on a single partner.

At RODRIGUE, we are happy of the success of our customers


Development and project team

We are proud to support the success of our customers through a complete/comprehensive information system, user oriented, which facilitates their decision-making and assists them daily in the management of their public.
Our solution answers the set of needs of their structure : ticketing, management and sale, internet, marketing, access control.

With intuitive technologies which deliver a relevant information, available continuously and everywhere, RODRIGUE places the stakes of its customers in the heart of its strategy and offers them job-specific solution, turnkey and scalable, dedicated to the development of their structures.

At RODRIGUE, we are solid thanks to the confidence of our customers

We live the customer/supplier relationship as a quality relationship, between women and men who want to succeed together, respect each other and move forward in the same direction, with common values such as trust, honesty and humanity.

Results of this win-win spirit:

  • A claimed independence
  • A total autonomy (we are our own host)
  • € 350 000 of capital
  • More than 54 M€ of turnover since our creation
  • More than 4.65 M€ of turnover in 2014, with 85% recurring
  • Positive results without interruption for 13 years, guaranteeing an unwavering banking support
  • A strong international presence, 25% of the turnover in 2014
  • 7th in the sectorial ranking of French IT companies (TOP 250 of the SYNTEC in 2014)
  • Noted 3+ by the bank of France, every year since 2013

Systems and networks team

At RODRIGUE, we are far ahead and close to our customers

There is not only the Service which is in RODRIGUE’S DNA, the Future also. We are:

  • The 1st specialist that have made a ticketing designed from a real professional database (1999)
  • The 1st specialist that have made an online sale solution through the THEMIS platform (2000)
  • The 1st to deploy a collection terminal for tickets purchased online (2001)
  • The first to deploy an access control in real time, light and wireless (2007)
  • The first to propose a seat view on a photo of the room, during an on-line sale (2009)
  • The 1st to supply a 100 % NFC ticketing solution (2014)

Today, we contribute to write the future with our works on the BIG DATA, the BEACON mobile technology and the NFC revolution …

    Behavioral analysis of the browsing on e-commerce web site
    Behavioral analysis on external factors (weather report, school calendars, competitive events, etc.)
    Enrichment of the customer knowledge through the social networks
    Behavioral analysis of flows during events
    Notification push on smartphone
    Geo-localization of the public and guiding support (find your place, your car, toilet, exit, etc.)
  • NFC
    Dematerialisation of the ticket in a smartphone, usable even without battery, secured with encrypted SIM card
    Loyalty program and cashless on smartphone, usable even without battery, secured with encrypted SIM card
    Interaction between spectators, gamification, game contest
    Assistance and information with NFC poster


Key dates


Rodrigue OPEN, 1st ticketing directly designed around a truly professional database (Microsoft SQL7)


Rodrigue THEMIS, 1st online sale solution


ATM, 1st collection terminal for tickets purchased online


Rodrigue SENTINEL, 1st real-time solution of multi-clubs supporters management


Rodrigue ACS4 : 1st access control solution with obstacles, fully integrated and completely in real time


Rodrigue ACS2, 1st light access control solution, wireless and in real time


Rodrigue SEATVIEW, choice of places on photo and view from each seat


Rodrigue OPEN + ACS3, 1st ticketing 100% NFC


Rodrigue JYVAI PLU, 1st control tool of the secondary market (ticket resale)


Rodrigue WEBOPEN, 1st ticketing web 100% multi-institution


Rodrigue SPHERE, all the marketing without skipping the ticketing
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International presence

The RODRIGUE solutions are also present in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, Monaco, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Italy, Brazil, Guiana, Reunion Island, Mauritius Island, Martinique, China, Madagascar …

Ethical and citizen approach

RODRIGUE implements a sustainable development and solidary policy.
Since 2008, we develop a partnership with the NGO ASSOVIE, to deliver computer hardware in perfect working order (computers, servers, A4 printers …) to schools of Ethiopia.

RODRIGUE, with collaborators who perform more than five hundred trips to customers annually, wished to invest her teams in an eco-citizen approach. After a first hybrid vehicle few years ago, we chose on the occasion of the renewal of a part of our fleet of transport, to reinforce our commitment by equipping us with two electric vehicles : a utility and a professional.
This evolution of our vehicle fleet comes along with the implementation, in our private parking, of several fast refill stations. It is therefore quite possible for all of our visitors from Paris Region to come to Sannois in Autolib ‘ or with a municipal electric vehicle …


Direction & Commercial teams

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